Ezekiel: A Message of Hope

Devotions from the prophet Ezekiel written to mobilize prayer for Europe.


Many North Americans think of Europe as an evangelized continent. With its spectacular cathedrals one would never guess that only 2-3% of its people are Christ-followers. While living in relative prosperity, Europeans are spiritually needy. Christianity is seen as irrelevant, a thing of the past. An influx of immigrants of diverse faiths also presents great challenges and opportunities.

Ezekiel's call to return to God and escape coming judgement is not easy reading. Its strange visions and message may seem far removed from our reality. Like Israel, Europe has those who once were God's own but have turned away from him. We too are living in troubling times. While Ezekiel warns of coming destruction, he also sees visions of restoration and hope. God's offer of new beginnings for all who put their trust in him is timeless. My hope is that Ezekiel's message combined with Europe's (and all of our) need will inspire prayer for Europe, as well as encouragement for the reader. While the prayers I have included are more personal, I encourage you to pray for the specific countries or issues related to the daily reflection as well.

All references are from the New International Version unless otherwise stated.


Living as People of Hope


Deaf or Alive


A Ministry of Reconciliation


Idolatry - Alive and Well?

You Belong


Broken Promises


That None Should Perish


Signs of Hope

Standing in the Gap


Truth or Lies


Our Foolishness, His Wisdom


Needing a Shepherd

God is not Deaf


Healed Hearts


Choose Life


Get in the River