A journey of understanding: Like us all, I've sought to make sense of the pandemic, its orgin and aftermath. In the following pages I processed developments between March 2020 and March 2022 in increments, each with many links and sub-pages:

Early reflections

What are we watching happen?

Covid is about more than Covid

Where are we now?

The Role of Media: You will observe my scepticism with the mainstream media narrative arose early. In fact, I've come to believe in the need of an alternative media for a full view of reality - not only regarding the origin and destiny of covid but increasingly most other topics. Why?

Two reasons essentially

1.) Mainstream media is mostly owned by what could be called "Blackrock media" because the equity group (along with Vanguard, State Street and the like) holds majority financial interest in what I'll call the "corporate media." The other branch of mainstream media is controlled through funding by various governments. For this reason the same stories and perspectives are generally being told at the same time on all TV channels. (For more the financial background of the mainstream corporate media I commend the opening minutes of the investigative documentary Monopoly.)

2.) Mainstream media is for this reason not objective or multi-facited. Governments have a point-of-view related not surprisingly to maintenance of power. As such they provide information in alignment with that point-of-view and fund media amenable to their narrative. Likewise, those who financially own the mainstream media (and incidentally, at the same time, the large pharmaceutical companies) have a point-of-view related, again not surprisingly, to the value of their stock.

The alternative media could be defined as media outlets not owned by the Blackrock financial institution or in receipt of government funds. Alternative media also has points-of-view but is more democratic in that in it we find many points-of-view, many degrees of professionalism (or not), many observers and interpreters. However, interestingly, we find most of those observers and interpreters hold views and perspectives outside the core financial interests of the mainstream corporate media.

Reality and "Official Reality": One might correlate the alternative media with a search for what is real, in objective fact; and the mainstream media with what people with power and money would like us to think, i.e. "official reality."

The alternative media, like true democracy, is messy and takes time to sort through perspectives and opinions. This is the nature of democracy and it's foundation of free speech. But it's worth it because the only alternative to messy democracy is centralized control buttressed by a hegemonic narrative - which eliminates freedom of speech, curiosity and vitally needed investigative exploration.

Covid is not over: as I write this (summer 2022) children play in the parks under balmy skies. There is a sense that covid is behind us, or nearly so. The desire to enjoyed a relaxed summer is compelling and I've succumbed significantly for the sake of mental health. But I have no illusion that the lull is a conclusion. The focused interests that managed covid social policy remain with us as we will see by autumn.

What follows are some stories in the alternative media (i.e. outlets not owned by Blackrock or funded by government) I've found helpful for a wider understanding of what I'm observing. I'll leave it to you to connect the dots or to conclude there are no connections.

The fact a news item is 6 or 18 months past does not lower the value of the story, investigation or interview. This is the nature of recording history and later piecing together its meaning. History is in that sense like blockchain, if we do not go out of our way to forget or delete it.

My observation over time is that is much of what the mainstream media decries "conspiracy theory" in the alternative media, 6 to 18 months later tends, more often than not, to be confirmed. In this way the alternative media tends to serve as leading indicator while the mainstream media serves as lagging indicator.

The unfolding story:

With brief annotation in reverse chronological order ....

Some may wonder why categories (below) tend to the "dark" side. The reason rises from reality - and from our need to respond decisively and appropriately.


March 11, 2023: AI as Journalist: Is AI ready to be relied on as the arbiter of truth? link

March 10, 2023: Pfizer: Naomi Wolf reviews contents of Pfizer documents released by court order. Pfizer is a partnership with a Chinese owned company in which all aspects of vaccine manufacturing is by that Chinese owned company. China doesn't administer the shots to their own people. link

Feb 27, 2023: Broken Covenant: The utter incomprehensible irrationality of 2020 to the present is reflected on by a Jewish ally who has been awakened by Jonathan Cahn. This indeed is the context of our post-truth, post-Christian slide. Worth reading to the end. link

Feb 27, 2023: Children & Teens: Why are Canadian children and teens now subject to "sudden death" of unknown cause? link

February 24, 2023: mRNA: It is mRNA, not covid, that is producing brain and heart damage: link  

       Children: It seems it's not only 132 doctors who've "died suddenly" in Canada since the compulsory experiment, and older athletes around the world, but now: link

January 19, 2023: Media. How are conscientious doctors measured by Canada's mainstream media? By results on the ground or by compliance to fiat? A micro case study: here.

January 9, 2023: Censorship. Time and time again its a conspiracy until its proven true, at the highest levels:

January 3, 2023: Case Study in Culture War. The tragedy of an athlete death can't be hidden and erupts into a media culture war: "Pfizer kills a Black man on live TV and then tells us that we're not supposed to talk about it" here.

Dec 29, 2022: mRNA

How does computer generated mRNA work? Why do batches produce uneven outcomes? Chris Martenson provides a helpful explanation of the complexity involved: here.

Ryan Cole (Dec 12) separates out unwarranted claims regarding the mRNA technology, leaving the main point. link

John Campbell reports on a recent "re-analysis" of mRNA trial data showing risk of severe adverse events: here.

Dec 26, 2022: Propaganda: How is the debate advanced when one side is unwilling to debate? The regression could be seen as follows: when truth (fair debate) doesn't work, go to propaganda, when propaganda doesn't work, go to "political solutions." (I add this article because the tweet it responds to comes from the official WHO twitter account.) here

Nov 15, 2022: Censorship: In discerning what is true in politics, media or elsewhere in culture the distinction between "classic liberalism" and "the left" is important and can be discerned: link

Nov 14, 2022: Definition of Vaccine: What happens when the definition of vaccine is switched from "disease prevention" to a "treatment? which can "help with symptoms"? It matters. A lot. link

Nov 11, 2022: Retrospect: What was behind the rush to use ventilators, which killed most of those assigned to them? link

Nov 6, 2022: Public Inquiry: While the Atlantic Magazine calls for amnesty (Brownstone link, additional background link) we must remember history: the step before amnesty for South Africa's apartheid program was their Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In Canada's case it is a National Inquiry public and comprehensive (link). Neither government or big pharma can evaluate itself objectively. Truth-confession-repentance-forgiveness is the progress which brings healing.

Nov 4, 2022: Excess Deaths: Despite the logic of the UK parliament in determining there is no need for an inquiry since there is no problem (see Oct 28, below), excess deaths continue pushing up: link

Oct 28, 2022: Logic. The UK parliament has determined there is no need for an inquiry into mRNA vaccine safety - the reason is significant: because the vaccines are safe, therefore there is no need to look at the evidence. I'm working hard to follow the logic: link. If applied to criminal law it seems this logic would pronounce judgement first, then look at the evidence? Ok, that's parliament, that's only politics but

Worse: the CDC doesn't want to look at their own safety data: link.

Nevertheless: the shots will be required to go to school: link.

October 22, 2022: System Failure. I generally don't post anecdotal experience but the human dimension of a failing system must not be papered-over with statistical charts and the like. link

October 20, 2022: Excess Deaths. Why are an unusually high number of healthy people dying in their sleep? link

(For that matter, why would hospital records of the vaccine injured be deleted? link)

October 9, 2022: Public Health Policy. We are living with an amazing tension - how long can it last? Regarding the mRNA injections read the judgement of Florida medical experts who say WHOA due to "an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination."

Yet the Ontario College of Physicians who says GO and recommends the use medication and psychotherapy to overcome vaccine avoidance behavior among those who don't want to take the risk. By the way, if you wonder what medication and psychotherapy looks like applied to those who say WHOA, look no further than China.

August 16, 2022: Public Health Policy. What have we learned about the value of gain-of-function research? Why then would be recreate the infamous 1918 flu which was extinct until we brought it back? With NIH funding. For what?  (Forbes link)

August 8, 2022: Speaking Truth to Power. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., deeply imbued in the American liberal tradition, appeals to the highest of liberal ideals in his new open "Letter to Liberals" challenging that majority of his cohort who endorse Machiavellian ideology (review article | e-book)

August 7, 2022 All-Cause Deaths/Excess. Fourteen Canadian doctors in 9 months die shortly after 3rd or 4th shot of unknown causes. Coincidence? A statistician looks at the odds. (substack link)

August 5, 2022 All-Cause Deaths/Excess. 200 guests attend a wedding, 8 months later 33 are ill or dead. But only among the vaccinated. Coincidence? A statistician looks at the odds. (substack link)

August 5, 2022 Medical Martial Law. Australian Maria Zeee interviews Attorney Todd Callender who reviews steps been taken by WHO to move compliance from health to military authorities and how this is being implemented in the Biden administration. (Rumble link)

August 3, 2022: Centralized Control. The goals of WEF globalism and those of global Marxism overlap significantly argues Trevor Loudon in his report: "World Economic Forum ‘Deepens Relationship’ With the CCP" (link).

July 29, 2022: All-Cause Deaths/Excess. Trish Wood and guests discuss the unravelling covid narrative, including vaccine injuries and excess deaths - an unravelling the mainstream media struggles mightily to ignore with decreasing success. (Interestingly the Australian government has selected this point in time to announce their goal of placing a defibrillator in every household - tweet).

July 22, 2022: Global Reserve Currency. History shows only asset-backed currencies stand the test of time. The US dollar dropped gold backing in 1973. Russia and China joined to set up an asset-based global reserve currency this week. (Analysis via article or, video)      

July 21, 2022: Public Control Policy. What will it take for the public to accept complete centralized control in the interests of "togetherness"? From Covid to Global Control: Bait and Switch (link)

July 21, 2022: Centralized Control. The UN 2030 agenda behind farming restrictions (link).

        Centralized Control. The UN and WEF agree on 2030 agenda. (link)

July 19, 2022 All-cause deaths Maria Zeee interviews embalmer Richard Hirschman sharing graphic images of structures developing in blood which are killing people injected a year after the shot. (Rumble link)

July 17, 2022: Public Health Politics. The role of the Chinese Communist Party in the virus, the mandated Covid vaccines and the PCR testing for us all. (link. and reflections link)

Declining Birthrate. Why are birth rates and abortions down in Germany, correlating with the uptake of Covid vaccines? (link)

July 16, 2022: Vaccine Efficacy. Why Are Vaccinated People Getting COVID at Higher Rates Than the Unvaccinated? (link)

July 14, 2022: Public Health Policy. Why are those who work for US public health agencies concerned about the advice coming out of their own agencies (CDC, FDA, NIH)? (link)

July 14, 2022: Declining Birthrate. We are seeing unprecedented collapses around the world. What is going on? (link) (Sorry this is a paid subscription but the initial paragraphs function as an abstract.)

July 12, 2022: Climate Change Policy. Holland implements net-zero targets with implications for food production. An intercessory group raises concern (link) and Substack writer tracks accounts (link).

July 6, 2022: All-Cause Deaths/Excess. Alberta government reports mortality rate due to “ill-defined and unknown causes” rises to #1 cause in 2021 (CTV link, Epoch Times link).

All-Cause Deaths/Unknown. Dr. John Campbell shares UK stats and explains why further investigation is needed.

July 3, 2022: Eugenics. A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation: 75 questions - with links to videos and articles (Substack link.)

Climate Change Policy. If Canadians wanted to eat crickets, we wouldn’t be forced to subsidize cricket farms (link)

June 14, 2022: Gain-of-Function Politics. Dr. Fleming overviews the unjustifiable violation of treaties and government constitution involved in the development of Sars-Cov 2 and the experimental rollout of it vaccines (video interview 55 mins.)

June 8, 2022: All-Cause Deaths/Youth. Why is the abrupt rise in all-cause deaths affecting young people? (link)

June 5, 2022: All-Cause Deaths. 'Excess' deaths in New Brunswick during pandemic need study, expert says. (CBC link)  

May 5, 2022: Vaccine Safety. Are Recombinant COVID Vaccines Causing Deaths? (link)

May 4, 2022: Public Health Plans. WHO whistle-blower shares ten year plan leading into the infamous 2030 reset. (link)


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Why go to this effort? Because the Kingdom of God is always a battle between darkness (deception, half-truths, lies) and light, between righteousness and unrighteousness, between Christ and chaos.

Graham Kendrick put it this way...

Graham Kendrick, 1988
I want to be a hist'ry maker, (echo)
I want to be a world shaker, (echo)
To be Your pen on hist'ry's pages (echo)
Faithful to the end of the ages. (echo)

Ch: I want to see Your kingdom come.
I want to see Your will be done
On the earth.
I want to see Your kingdom come,
I want to see Your will be done
On the earth as it is in heaven.

I believe we were called and chosen (echo)
Long before the world's creation, (echo)
Called to be a holy nation, (echo)
Called to bear good fruit for heaven (echo)

We want to be the generation, (echo)
Taking the news to ev'ry nation, (echo)
Filled with the Spirit without measure (echo)
Working for a heavenly treasure (echo).