Ezekiel: A Message of Hope

Devotions from the prophet Ezekiel written to mobilize prayer for Europe

You Belong - Ezekiel 16:1-14

I gave you my solemn oath...and you became mine. (v. 8)

I was speaking on this passage one Sunday, when a middle-aged man with mental disabilities came to me exclaiming, "That's about me!"  Roger shared that as an infant he had been placed in foster care after being found in a garbage bin. His new foster family had abused him as well, causing severe brain trauma. Eventually he found a home, but his real adoption had come a year earlier when he walked into church and discovered he was wanted after all, loved by God. He put his faith in Jesus Christ and is now a son of our Heavenly Father.

Roger is not alone. The world was shocked at its first glimpse of thousands of children locked away in Romania's orphanages. Conditions were deplorable. After years of neglect and abuse, children who found adoptive homes were unable to form attachments. People responded with an outpouring of love and practical help. Organisations, like Star of Hope, changed the landscape, holding babies, mentoring teens, training foster parents.

Mother Teresa noted, "I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world." Roger is today as well. In spite of his mental disabilities, he shares what he has, supporting a World Vision child and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, sharing the joy of belonging he has found in Christ.

Prayer: Father, you demonstrated the depth of your love for us by coming as a human being and living among us, sharing our pain and brokenness, overcoming the evil that oppresses us through your death and resurrection. We love because you first loved us: found us, cleansed us, healed us. Now enable us to love you with all we are, and to love the world as you do.