Ezekiel: A Message of Hope

Devotions from the prophet Ezekiel written to mobilize prayer for Europe

Idolatry - Alive and Well? - Ezek 14:1-11

With the fall of Communism, a great migration took place. Those held captive by their own governments rushed to freedom in Western Europe and eager missionaries took advantage of the new opportunity. Those were exhilarating days for courageous believers, who had suffered so much, both those who had remained faithful in spite of persecution, and those who had worked tirelessly from the outside to help keep a faithful witness alive in the underground church.

Yet the opportunities brought about by Communism's demise have not been unmixed. As Eastern European nations lined up to join the EU, anticipating economic growth and prosperity, it has come in some measure, but not without cost. A Czech revolutionary reflected on their 'victory:' "The Czechs have become a nation of little white mice, jostling for money and biting each other. Nobody sane could want to go back to the communist days. Yet what freedom have we really gained?"

Capitalism has fed materialism. Huge gaps have appeared between rich and poor; a new super-rich class on the one hand, near-destitution for pensioners and the redundant on the other. Social services have withered. Into this spiritual destitution God speaks: "Turn from your idols and renounce your detestable practices. Then [you] will be my people and I will be [your] God. Jesus promised: "If the Son makes you free you will be truly free."

Prayer: Father, forgive me for choosing material wealth, pleasure - anything that replaces you as the source of all I need. Open my eyes to the deepest needs of those around me, and help us together to discover how best to meet them.