Ezekiel: A Message of Hope

Devotions from the prophet Ezekiel written to mobilize prayer for Europe

God is Not Deaf - Ezekiel 35:10-15

You boasted against me and spoke against me without restraint and I heard it. (v. 13)

History often leaves wounds that fester. Many remember a British Empire upon which the sun never set. She ruled the seas, and had colonies that stretched around the world. There were many blessings that travelled with her ships, Rule of Law and the Gospel among them. However, exploitation and oppression are part of her heritage as well.

In Australia, Britain's policy toward Aborigines was first to segregate, then assimilate. This led to their loss of land, rights, even their children. Convicts sent to settle Australia were often guilty of crimes no more serious than stealing a loaf of bread. Following World War II, 'orphans' who were not orphans, were plucked from institutions and sent, not to the families promised, but to work as child labor.  

The glory of Britain has faded, and spiritual lethargy prevails. Australians' negative attitudes toward authority keep the spiritually interested from church. British Christians, believing that Britain is reaping the consequences of her past injustices, visited Australia to offer a public expression of repentance. In seeking reconciliation and spiritual unity with Australians, such acts might open the way for blessing for both nations.  

Is God calling us to humble ourselves before him? If we did, we might bring healing to wounded people, justice for the oppressed, or unity to God's people.

Prayer: Thank you God that you resist the proud, but give grace to those who will humble themselves before you. Where we have been wounded please heal us. Where we have wounded others, bring us to repentance. Lead us in bringing the comfort you have given us to those who need your comfort.