What is the Meaning of Life?

Life is not a "trial run." This is our only opportunity and will affect our eternal destiny. So how can we best understand and live it? This is the question of the ages.

Some suggest life has no meaning, or that we must make up our own meaning. Some stop asking the question much too soon.

The question has remained central in all my years. Thank you for allowing me to share some of what I've discovered ....

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Always in Christ

So what's it all about? Does my life make a difference? And why is this question so important? Does life have value at all? Even if so, why not put off wrestling with the question of meaning of life till later in life?

Or you may struggle with cynicism about whether the right conclusions make any difference. If so, please consider the importance of right conclusions and of overcoming cynicism.

How can we touch and engage the meaning of life? How do we deal with our longing to connect with God?

What is the basic story of history and the "big picture" in which we may understand our lives? We need an understanding of the context in which the pressures and challenges we feel make sense. Two things will help...

Here is a summary of the overarching story (or "Meta-Narrative") of life which helps an often chaotic life make sense.


Secondly I invite you to clarify your worldview. The power of our worldview lies in the fact that it is a collection of our underlying beliefs and assumptions which color all our thinking, yet in many lives is not examined openly. Here is why I believe our worldview to be foundational to all else...

As we advance in our journey, if all is well, we are in fact engaged in two journeys:

Our "Journey Inward" and "Journey Outward"

Both journeys - and invariably our destinies - are foundationally and ultimately shaped by that to which we say "yes" and "no"

In this process we are greatly influenced by the ideas of friends and books. Both should be chosen carefully:

On choosing friends and books

Some fear death and others ignore it. Yet, until we face our mortality we miss a valuable focus adding meaning to our lives:

Mortality and How to Benefit from It

While benefiting from our mortality in this life it is also wise to use this life very consciously and deliberately to prepare for what follows:

Preparation for Eternity

When the time comes we will experience the consequence both in the life to come and others will continue to experience the consequence of our lives on this earth:

What will I leave those who follow?

Some say life is short. I've found it to be so. As such I've come to highly value the time I'm given.


          To those use time casually, I ask that you read:

Time: our only non-renewable resource

To those who work or play too hard I ask you read these reflections following an unexpected death:

 Living fully now