Ezekiel: A Message of Hope

Devotions from the prophet Ezekiel written to mobilize prayer for Europe

'Deaf' or Alive? - Ezekiel 2

Whether they listen or fail to listen...they will know that a prophet has been among them (v. 5)

When Paul's journey to Rome first brought the message of the bible to Europe, no one could have anticipated that the resulting values and behaviors would become the defining features of what it means to be 'European.' That message of hope, Jesus reconciling us to God, transformed one culture after another. As Europeans birthed the great missionary movements of the 18th and 19th centuries, that message reached around the globe. Yet a residual paganism remained. Psychologist Carl Jung described Europe as 'a Christian cathedral built on pagan foundations.'

As Europe becomes increasingly secular, is this is a 'neutral' environment in which to explore issues of faith? Or is it a new paganism born out of a rejection of Christianity, the most challenging mission field of our time? When thoughtful, non-churchgoing people look at us what do they see?  When they listen to our message what do they hear?  When they say the church has nothing to offer them, that they don't believe in God or his Jesus, are we challenged to lift up Jesus authentically?

Nothing is deadlier to hope than losing the Story of Jesus. It is the only Story that gives hope and makes sense of our human existence. Ezekiel also cries out to a nation that has lost its way. We must do the same whether people listen or not.

Prayer: Lord, help me to live and speak the story of Jesus authentically. Lead me to those longing for hope. Bring the message of hope and life found in Jesus alone to Europe with relevance once again.