Prayer Mobilization


I’d signed up for a 3 am hour of prayer in the 24-7 prayer room of Revelation Church (20 miles west of what became our home in Worthing UK).Pete Greig I was taken with Pete Greig’s vision of a lost generation turned to Christ:\prayer\TheVision.mp3). The idea of 24-7 prayer was inspired by the 100 year prayer meeting of the Moravians which had resulted in thousands of sacrificial missionaries with a single vision: “May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering.” This first 24-7 prayer room birthed 1000s of others and awakened a generation for mission. Let me commend Pete Greig’s 24-7 Prayer Manual. Get a copy, gather a team and organize a day, week or month of 24-7 prayer in your church or community. It’s a great way to launch an unexpected difference for the Kingdom!