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Introducing: Alia Caroleen Moerman

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September 24, 2014



Download to hear

baby's heartbeat

at 7 months here

("right-click" and "save as").

Mom and baby at 34 weeks


First kiss!

After a short nap

Enjoying the wonderful new reality of being family!

The details...

Auntie Mel was a great labour coach!

 Ben and Mel after a long night. 

Oma with Alia


Opa enjoying the moment

Time to relax. 


New Creations staff send flowers


Alert and active



Alia doesn't seem to like her car seat

Oma and Opa say "good-bye" (contraction of "God be with you") before returning to BC.

Melanie stays extra days to help and enjoy

May 4, 2015: Alia is growing and changing by the day

Canaan and Avi getting to know their new cousin Alia

A month old already!

Sizing up the world

Goofing off in the park.

Ready to take on the day!


Great days in July 2015 at Christina Lake, BC with nearly the whole family. Alia was a star!

Click for link to video of perpetual motion!

Alia starts to crawl (Dec 5, 2015)


Alia's first Birthday!

She loves that cupcake!

skyping with Opa and Oma   (July 2018)
Alia loves to skype with Opa and Oma, take pictures and draw on her parent's computer :-)
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