'Whole Nation'Church Planting Strategy 

This was the 2nd of three volumes with a single purpose: "mobilize to the whole church to disciple the whole nation through saturation church planting." Similar principles apply in every nation globally. (The 1st of these volumes, Reclaiming a Nation, was edited by Arnell Motz but is not available digitally.)

Moerman, Murray, ed., Transforming Our Nation: Empowering the Canadian Church for a Greater Harvest, Delta, BC: Church Leadership Library, 1998.

Preface - Murray Moerman

Forward, It is a DAWN Strategy if. . . - James Montgomery

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Priority and Power of Prayer - Jacqueline Dugas

Chapter 2 - Can Canada be Discipled? - Murray Moerman

Chapter 3 - Church Planting: Key to Discipling Our Nation - Murray Moerman and Lorne Hunter

Chapter 4 - Looking to AD 2015: 10,000 New Churches - Murray Moerman and Lorne Hunter

Chapter 5 - Unreached People Groups In Canada - Brian Seim

Chapter 6 - Rethinking Revival in Quebec - Wesley Peach

Chapter 7 - The Quebec Protestant Church - Glenn Smith

Chapter 8 - The Ten Key Findings - Reginald Bibby

Chapter 9 - Striving for Relevance in a Changing Nation - Gary Walsh

Chapter 10 - How Current Trends Impact the Church - Gerald C. Kraft and R. Murray A. Jarman

Epilogue -  God's Call to the Church - Arnell Motz

Appendix 1

Appendix 2