Murray&Carol in 1976 Social Outcomes of the Gospel

Sometimes power examples come also from the loss of the social benefit of the Gospel on society when the Gospel is rejected by one generation after having been accepted by a previous generation.

Recent history in fact allows such a comparison.

For many years the 10 commandments and the Lord's Prayer were accepted and referred to in various ways in public schools in the USA and other western nations. In fact, some would argue the strength of those cultures were in significant part based on the value inherent in the worldview and morality implicit in these expressions of moral/spiritual reality.

In 1963 the 10 commandments and Lord's prayer were banned from use in USA public schools. The graphs below show quick and marked changes in key social indices (click on chart for larger image): 

divorce rates pre-marital sex  
violent crime STDs

Charts from: David Barton, America: to Pray or Not to Pray, Wall Builders Press, 1991.

To download full size images right-click and "save-as" on: divorce rates or pre-marital sex or sexually transmitted diseases or violent crime or scholastic aptitude tests


The outcomes of 'freedom' from the most widely accepted moral code in western culture were swift and devastating in their effects on the lives of many. The charts above show only the numbers, not the pain.

The positive effects on society of following Christ have innumerable examples. Unfortunately some of those examples are those of the loss of those benefits when Christ is rejected. Please do what you can to follow Christ personally and to encourage others to do the same in your generation and the next.